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David Herzog

I once went to a conference that Herzog did. At the conference he made many prophecies that never came to pass. He spent every night telling people that we had to give money for heaven to open. If we tithed we would have access to an open heaven. He filled the time with countless stories of miracles and supernatural occurrences, but there were none over the days of the conference. In fact, they didn't even pray over a girl in a wheelchair whose father brought specifically to the event to be prayed over.

The worst, if it was not bad enough, was he talked about offering three girls in India all of his money if they would impart the gift of supernatural jewels. That is total simony. Simony is the sin named after Simon the Sorcerer who offered Peter and John money for the gift of the Holy Spirit.

He made claims as a prophet that the church building would be expanded within a couple of weeks and it didn't happen. False prophecy is a serious offense to God.

This video has been deleted.