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Problems with Lou

Hyper-ventilating, hyper-uncontrolled rocking, uncontrolled hyper- emotionalism, hyper- enthusiasm, hyper-self-conviction that he is right, overlaid and over-projected with great emotional force and volume onto, and into, peoples’ minds and spirits so people hardly have a chance to think for themselves.

He spends very little time is spent glorifying Christ and nearly all the time is being pulled into the emotions both joyful and sad surrounding Lou Engle’s vision, his dream. His vision and dream usually are all about Elijah, Elisha, Joel's Army, etc. I hardly hear about Christ when he talks. It’s always his dream that is important. Could it be that some of his dream could have legitimacy. Let’s say it could. But let me ask you, could it be that some of his dreams are not from God, but is more about what he wants and thinks God and believers must do.

Good and right actions normally flow from good character and normally no matter how many good things you do, you can still struggle with sin, and be resisting and not truly surrendered to God. But how can you figure out how to be properly surrendered to God when so many voices and so-called “God-appointed” but really “self-appointed” leaders, prophets and apostles of God are telling you they already have it all figured out, and if you aren’t onboard with them then you aren’t really onboard with God, and are just missing it. Youthful minds haven’t had enough life lived and life experience to have learned about the art of the con that goes on in this sinful fallen world and life and so they are easy prey and easy targets for overpowering self-justified, self-affirming souls that have “been around for a while” and have learned the ins-and-outs of getting other people to sign on to their agendas, scams, and schemes. And in the day of world-wide media and bigger-than-life amplification of technology many people who are both self-deceived and deceiving can influence quite a number of people and vie for control of confused and impressionable minds like never before.

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