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Talk is Cheap

The people that lead in the Charismatic movement claim to be prophets, apostles and teachers. But do you realize that they have almost zero discernment. They make statements that are false. They associate with false teachers. And any that once started sincere become changed by their associations with what is false and their compromises. Lou Engle endorsed Todd Bentley's most recent Revival Harvest America in 2018. It came out this year that Todd Bentley was doing the most wicked and perverse things. He was offering interns money to give them blowjobs, he was seeking "wife-swapping". He was a known substance abuser. Bill Johnson and Rick Joyner were his spiritual father's and they had no idea.

The real Holy Spirit is found in following Jesus Christ and in reading His word. We had to make this site to help people not get caught up in all of this false hype. The supernatural power of God is real, but it does not come from a day conference or being in a stadium. It comes when we glorify Christ and wait on Him.

Please consider that God wants to change your views and challenge your presuppositions about the Holy Spirit

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